Week 2- Digital Convergence

The significance Digital convergence within a classroom involves different types of media (such as movies, games and books) together to increase “the audiences understanding, enjoying and affection for the story” (Transmedia Storytelling, n.d). This can be seen especially in today’s popular children’s movies, these movies are also available in books, online games and

Before I began week three’s readings I actually wasn’t aware of what digital convergence was and how it related to teaching technology. As I read through the weekly readings I was able to see that Digital convergence or Transmedia “refers to a set or narrative and non-narrative elements that are spread out systematically across multiple platforms” (Alper & Herr- Stephenson, 2013). I was able to see what transmedia was easily by referring to the following visual. Image retrieved from http://www.tstoryteller.com/transmedia-storytelling

The visual was able to show me how Transmedia relates to children’s learning in Early learning education. The picture shows that by covering many different types of media can fit together to provide children with engagement and enjoyment while they learn.

This technology is important for teacher to use as it allows for “engagement with each successive media” and heightened enjoyment, “understanding and affection” (Transmedia Storytelling, n.d) for the story. Children who are more engaged and enjoy what they are learning are more likely to remember and recall the information they are learning.

References –

Alper, M & Herr- Stephenson, R. (2013). Transmedia Play: Literacy across the Media. Journal of                 Literacy Education. 5:2, 366-369. http://digitalcommons.uri.edu/jmle/vol5/iss2/2/

Transmedia Storytelling – Transmedia Storyteller. (n.d.). Retrieved from                 http://www.tstoryteller.com/transmedia-storytelling


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