Week 6- Being a digital Curator

The most significant thing I found while researching about Digital Curation was how important it is for teachers. As a Preschool Teacher and a student who is constantly searching for resources and ideas I know how important and useful it is to have a compiled and easily available for whenever needed. I find that Pinterest is a very useful website to use as it allows users to share information and “pin” it to boards for later reference. Pinterest is also searchable to if a teacher was looking for something specific such as language activities or craft.

 While I was researching about the importance of being a digital curator I was discovered Scoop. I had never heard of Scoopit before and as I continued to read about it I found out that Scoopit is a website that “collates work from online publications” (Johnson, 2013). While I researched Scoopit I found that there were many different topics that could be useful for a teacher such as technology and assessment.

As a teacher looking for new ideas and different approaches can be difficult when just using a search engine as search engines can retrieve any number of results that may not relate to what a teacher is looking for. Using websites such as has Pinterest allow people to “archive, annote and appropriate” (Flintoff, Mellow & Clark-Pickett, 2014) information for later reference. The websites like Pinterest are also useful as they allow not only for quick and easy searching and sharing but they are “visually appealing” (Flintoff, Mellow & Clark-Pickett, 2014) which makes it even easier to sort and compile the information needed. I use Pinterest regularly to compile information for teaching, gathering ideas and information about such area as writing strategies and Group Time ideas.


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